Weather a Black Squall

8/24-26/2007, Tropical Storm in El Nido

Weather a Black Squall

Nothing going well since last year. To continue this year with no better luck either. Changes and adjustments appear one after another. Worrisome feeling haunted. Many twists and turns in work. More unpleasant matters in lives too. It is so tough to cope with bad luck, even I am well prepared for it.

This assignment had been picked the wrong time was inevitable receiving weather obstruction, ignoring my protests. We reluctantly worked under the bad climate in the early morning until noon time. After lunch, I could do nothing but hide in the (El Nido) Miniloc Resort's dining room taking shelter from the downpour. Only then slightly depressed and could help to wonder when the rain would stop? It actually stopped right before the supper hour. Heard S. shouted out "Rainbow! Rainbow!" soon after. The nimbus cloud had opened up a scrap area finally. Sunlight was dramatically casting a spotlight upon and reflecting a double concentric rainbows over the distant island. I hope to weather a black squall to a boundless surf as soon as possible.

Remember, where there is a little rain, there is a rainbow and somewhere over that rainbow ... there is another terrific set of surprises!

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