The Afterwords


The Afterwords

Finished off the 14 days' island hopping grand tour in Philippines.

The job itself was so tough. Including: stuck on the island due to typhoon and tropical storms. Inconvenience of one day delayed check-in luggage. Overweight check-in items and carry-on items, too. Wake up time ranging from 3:30 AM to 5:00 AM throughout the travel. Had to put up with a geeky, nerdy and rude assistant from ShangHai, this trip. My top-end tripod was broken by the 5 star hotel porter and did not dare to stand upfront to fight for payback.

Back to Taiwan no time for the merely rest before next take off. Continue to carry on 2 big articles for an international airlines and 3 more location works to go. My appointed (in early August) assistant R. was supposed to be helping me to Ho Chin Ming City in Vietnam this month, had a terrible car accident before departure. Get well, soon! All in this September. Sounds too crazy to you? I am being so ill after 14-day-island-trip without taking good rest so far.

P.S. Thanks to K. He offered his shoulder to let me to cry on via internet during these toughest and sick days.

It turned out, K. got sick too. Flu and even got badly allergic to flu remedies. What a poor thing you are! Wish you to gain your health back soon. And see you next time alive like an ox in Taiwan.


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