Boeing 787 Could be Unsafe 波音夢幻機787的安全隱憂


While You Guys are immersing yourself deeply in the exciting news of rolling out of Dreamliner Boeing 787 Dreamliner. I really do not want to pillage your dreams for the next journeys. But you should take industry concerns into consideration. However, knowledge matters, safety first!

The new plane, which is mostly made from brittle carbon compounds rather than flexible aluminum, is more likely to shatter on impact and may emit poisonous chemicals when ignited, Rather* will report based on interviews with a former Boeing engineer and various industry experts, according to a transcript of the show.

當你們大家還在沉浸於波音扣人心弦的夢幻機種787即將推出的新聞之外 我真的不想要殺風景地破壞你下趟旅途翱翔的美夢 但是 你應該把產業的關注當作一回事 總而言之 知識很重要 安全第一!

全新飛機 由易碎的複合碳纖維化合物製造 而不是目前有彈性韌度的鋁材料 在遭遇衝擊時很可能碎裂 當起火燃燒時也可能較易散發毒性化學氣體 Rather*與一位前波音工程師和各種各樣的產業數位航太專家的分析採訪 在此披露

Dan Rather Reports - Boeing 787 Composite Concerns 1/4

*Don's note on 4/16/2008: Rather refers to former CBS News anchor and veteran journalist Dan Rather.

* Don 的筆記 2008/4/16:Rather 就是前 CBS 新聞主播和資深新聞工作者 Dan Rather

眼見後知後覺的中文部落格和新聞界還在“敲鑼打鼓” 實在看不下去 個人在此 把早在去年2007/9 曝光的美國新聞影片貼上


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