Cebu, Boracay and Manila Followups

Question 1:
From: "Lance"
Date: September 17, 2007 10:24:41 PM GMT+08:00
To: "Don Schumann"
Subject: Re: greeting to Don (2)

Dear Don,
I am so surprised about your swift reply. I am from Taiwan actuall, sorry for not introducing myself first. I knew you via yam and your blog in pixnet, and decided to buy your book. I believe Boracay is what we call paradise, and I even gave up Bali or some other famous islands but chose Boracay. I've contacted some travel agents for arranging my 5-day/4-nite vacation, I hope to stay in Manila for an extra nite, if necessary. before going to boracay, i will buy a new DSLR, I want to keep my beautiful memory through my own view and angel. I think the room rate of Boracay is quite reasonable, will you recommend hostels? I guess Villa Camilla would be a good shot. Ha, there are too many wonder land for visiting in the amazing world, I hope to travel all the world in my lifetime. Thank you for your valuable opinions, I will consider them.
I am attaching one picture of mine, thus maybe we could be friends in the future.
Looking forward to seeing your next publication,
Have a good night!


Answer 1:
2007/9/17, from Don Schumann

Hello Lance,

Thanks for the picture.

Villa Camilla is owned by a new Taiwanese boss. That was the only reason I included it in the book. You can find many more cheaper ones in its class. Seafood so so good and cheap cheap cheap. I love it. Even I seldom eat seafood in Taiwan. Many things you should bargain. All water sports are fixed rates. Only one thing, must check their licenses (big one, hanging on their necks).

10 kg check-in allowance on domestic flights. If you are flying international within 24 hours can get 20 kg allowance, must present your international boarding pass as a prove. Or, show them international ticket on the way back to Manila.

Manila so big, need homework first.

Don Schumann

Question 2:
From: "Lance"
Date: September 18, 2007 9:47:52 AM GMT+08:00
To: "Don Schumann
Subject: Re: greeting to Don (3)

Morning Don,
Typhoon comes, be very careful when going out or driving. I am contacting some travel agent and also checking the website of Philippine Airline to see if there is any promotion or package I am interested. I am waiting for their reply, hope everything goes well. I do want to take a vacation there, sometimes doing nothing just lying on a hammock to take sunbath or to read your book, that's really relaxing. I think almost every hotel provides activities, such as bike riding, climbing, water sports, spa, and anything you demand. Travelling alone won't be bored. The first place I want to stay is Fridays Boracay, people say it has the most beautiful beach of Boracay, but the room rate is far beyond my budget. Maybe next time I will find a partner to share the room rate.
Thanks for your kindly reminding, I will pay attention to my luggage. How about Cebu, if I choose Cebu instead of Manila?
Thanks a lot!

Have a great day,

Answer 2:
From: Don Schumann
Date: September 18, 2007 1:11:33 PM GMT+08:00
To: Lance
Subject: Re: greeting to Don (3)

Morning, Lance,

Thanks for the typhoon safety concerns.

If you are flying Philippine Airlines. They have Manila + Boracay package tours for you to choose from. Naturally, will connect you with their Philippine Air and their other domestic chains. Good thing is, no need to get out of airport when you landed at Manila International. It will save you so much time and work of finding/switching airports and getting stuck in the traffic jams. But their domestic aircrafts are too big to land at Caticlan airport. Land at Kalibo airport instead, you will need at least 2 more hours' bus ride to get back to Caticlan for catching ferries.

Cebu itself is big as well. You need at least 1 week to explore. And it will take extra time to fly between Manila, Cebu, Caticlan. Only if you have a longer vacation to do so, that will be so nice, too. How about, try budget carrier Cebu Pacific fly from TPE to MNL, then back to its home base in Cebu, then Boracay, MNL and back to TPE. The other way around also. But again, you will need at least 10 days to do this route, just my two pennies worth.
By the way, I am making the Book of Cebu at the time of writing. Scheduled to be published in December, this year. Hope to showcase its vast wonderful destinations to locals.


Don Schumann


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