Hearty Brunch at D'Mall

9/24/2007, 10:00 AM, hazy, D'Mall in Boracay

See, I was drenched after an hour of photographing! It was merely 10:00 AM.
This photo was taken by P*.

P and L and I were shopping around dining area at D'Mall for late breakfast. I had been to Boracay many times, and photographed this particular Café a couple times in the previous visits. But it was the first time I seriously browsed through this tiny Café's huge menu board posted at it's lemony color storefront. Then, I realized it offered wide selections of all kinds of international breakfasts and not so cheap! Thanks to my boss of this trip P., he let out a phrase "Go for it!" after I explained its specialty and looked to him.

*Note: Do not get me wrong! I did not eat all those stuff on my table. But, I wish I could. I must tell you that they are simply so so heavenly yummy

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  1. Hi Sally,

    Thank you. Must be the hearty brunch, I think.
    謝謝 一定是元氣十足的早午餐的功效


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