Manila Hotel

9/21 - 9/23/2007, rain in Manila

Dressing room with a restroom to my left

Bedroom and study

I fly to Philippines frequently to do photographic projects since December 2004, on a monthly basis or more. Everyone told me this hotel whenever I stayed in Manila. And I usually could only get a quick glimpse from my van windows.

My curiosity built up each time visiting the greater Manila area. Until my recent trip I actually stayed in this one. This is the Manila Hotel, next to Roxas Boulevard and Manila Harbor. The modern Manila Hotel offers 750 guest rooms and suites.

Living room and dining room

Living room and dining room

Study area with a TV


Dressing room, a restroom to my left and the bathroom in my back

Study area

Envelope for my keycard

A huge mirror in my study

從他結婚之前及婚後 居住在馬尼拉旅館的麥克阿瑟・道格拉斯將軍 在此度過了幾年的光陰
菲律賓曼妙的森林景象被重現在氣度輝煌大廳的穹窿天頂之上 客房裡的木製天花板與柵格結構和雕刻家具的交錯 還有 採用當地特產的大理石 在其雙色調輝映下 佈滿整個大廳125英呎的地板 是全世界最大之一的排場


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