Cebu Pacific Flying Cebu–TPE and Davao-TPE

Low fare carrier Cebu Pacific, the Philippines’ leading domestic airline will start flying Cebu–Taipei and Davao-Taipei (via Cebu) routes starting December 14, 2007.

Both services are scheduled to operate to Taipei’s Chiang Kai Shek International Airport three times weekly—every Monday, Wednesday and Friday—using the 150-seater Airbus A319 aircraft.

The Cebu-Taipei flight leaves at 7:50pm and arrives in Taipei at 10:10pm. Conversely, it departs for Cebu at 10:55pm and lands in Mactan International Airport at 1:15am the following day.

The Davao-Taipei service departs Davao at 5:55pm and arrives in Taipei at 10:10pm. It then leaves Taipei at 10:55pm for the flight back and lands in Davao International Airport at 6am the following day.

廉價航空宿霧太平洋 菲律賓的主要國內航空公司 從2007年12月14日開始 將開始飛行宿霧-台北和大堡-台北(經由宿霧)的航線 兩項服務預定飛臺北 航行目的地為台北中正國際機場 每週3個班次 週一、週三和週五 使用150人座位的空中巴士A319客機

宿霧-台北航機 於7︰50pm由宿霧出發 在10:10pm抵達台北 台北-宿霧班機在10:55pm離開台北 隔天1:15am到達宿霧的鞨旦國際機場

大堡-台北班機 於5︰55pm從大堡出發 在10:10pm到達台北 台北-大堡班機在10:55pm離開台北 第二天6:00am到達菲律賓大堡國際機場

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