Cell Phones Required to Get on a Plane

12/3/2007, United States

Cell Phones Required to Get on a Plane

You May Not Use Cell Phones In-Flight but Required to Get on a Plane

Continental is currently testing a brand new way of boarding experience. Instead of taking time to print and wasting a paper boarding pass they will send a message to your phone/PDA with a bar code. You simply show this graphic on your phone/PDA when you go to board and the airline check-in clerk will scan the code off your phone’s display.

Just a reminder, be sure to shut down your phone or switch it on to airplane mode when you get on board!


飛機上您仍然不可以使用手機 但是忘記帶手機就別想出國了

美國大陸航空已經試跑為期一季的最新登機體驗 捨棄耗時浪費資源打印紙製登機證的手續 他們會把登機訊息傳到您的手機或PDA上 只要在報到櫃台和登機門口 把手機或PDA上儲存的條碼交給服務人員掃描既可

再次提醒您 享受便利的登機後 上了飛機 還是得把手機關閉或切換成飛行模式!

[Original News Released by Continental Airlines below]

Before Arriving at the Airport

Save time at the airport with continental.com Check-in, available for domestic and most international flights. You can print or fax your boarding pass from your home or office within 24 hours of your flight, which allows you to bypass the check-in lines at the airport, pass through security and go directly to your gate. You can also use your wireless-enabled device, such as a cell phone or other hand-held device to check in for your Continental flight. Go to pda.continental.com using your device's Internet browser. If you have bags to check, you may do so at an airport kiosk or with a Continental ticket counter representative.


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