Boracay Closer Than You Think



有如仙境般的美景卻是伸手可及 並且歡迎你一同體驗 糖霜般的細軟白沙海灘鋪設起輕鬆愉快的長灘島魅力情境

長榮航空的優質機上雜誌 VERVE 邀請個人為此一世界級渾然天成的熱帶海島做專文介紹 精彩的圖文內容就在七月號的空中雜誌刊出 即將在機上伴隨著你前往下一個令人期待的目的地


Boracay Closer Than You Think

The fairyland-like yet reachable and inviting creamy soft white sand beach complement the relaxing rejoicing the Boracay setting allures.

EVA Airways' high quality in-flight magazine VERVE invites me to feature a special article to introduce this world class tropical island. All of the splendid reportage content is right in the July issue of the airborne magazine which will fly with you on board to the next exciting destinations.

Have a nice journey!

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Enchanting Boracay



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