Paparazzi Angel

Throughout the year of 2007

Here, I grant the "Number 1 Paparazzi of 2007" to Angel

She took part of our overseas on-location shooting sessions a couple times in the past 2 years. I found out this attractive lady likes to sneak around behind our backs and shoot with an electronic viewfinder digital camera while we were working. I dispatched her a Nikon D40x DSLR with a professional grade super wide-angle zoom lens on a recent trip to Mindoro and Palawan (both are provinces of the Philippine) , even though she is not a photographic assistant to me. Moreover, that camera body I gave her was just becoming available and right out of the box at that time. Yes, brand new stuff! She seemed to have a pleasurable and satisfactory time test-driving the brand new super toy on the road for 15 days.

個人謹此 授予Angel “2007年度 天字第一號狗仔隊攝影師” 的頭銜封號

在過去的 2年間 她參與了我們數次的出國外景攝影工作 我發現 每當我們開始上工忙碌時 這位可愛的小姐喜歡偷偷地走在我們的後面神不知鬼不覺地用小DC側拍 因此 在最近一次的中程旅行 攝影隊開跋到閔多洛和巴拉望 (兩個都是菲律賓的省份) 縱使她的職責並不是我的攝影助理 我還是給了她一台Nikon D40x DSLR機身跟一支專業用的超級廣角變焦鏡頭 還有 我給她的那款照相機機身那時是剛上市 而且是剛開箱 是的 全新的發燒貨! 全程十五天裡 她似乎相當滿意地把玩嶄新的超級玩具

All pictures above by Angel, throughout the year of 2007


Paparazzi Angel

See? My anti-paparazzi tactics caught her off guarded sometimes, too.

Hey, wait a minute... That is definitely not a Nikon D40x! Where did she get that nearly $5,000 USD worth of camera body and $310 USD Flash from?

瞧? 她也是會有鬆懈的時候 我的狗仔攝影師反偷拍戰術也會奏效地

喂~~~ 等一下... 那一台絕對不可能是Nikon D40x! 她究竟從哪裡摸出那台價值接近$5,000美元的機身和$310美金的閃光燈?


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