Someone Thought I Were a Student too

4/12/2007 news “A Malaysian teacher was taken for a student who plays hooky by the school principal, was rashly hauled in the office got beaten up by the principal.” 

Similar story also happened at about the same time frame, a teacher was mistaken for a student and suffered the corporal punishment in Taiwan. That was also on the newspapers as well as the network news.

I once had two times to agree to teach in Taiwan (and be a frequent flyer). From high schools to Colleges.

I accepted teaching specialized knowledge with pleasure in several schools each time. Reasons were 1) brush up my Chinese hearing and speaking abilities, because I must speak nonstop all day long, 2) get close to teenagers to stay young at heart, 3) simultaneously draw close to the local young people's idea.

My first day at one of my schools. “Halt!” a very authoritative aggressive roar came behind my back. “Your uniform? Who agreed to let you put on such outfits!” Although before coming to the schools, I practiced unceasingly in the heart simulating the presentation of the classroom lesson scenes with teacher to student dialogs, more than thousand times. My rusty Mandarin speaking for this sudden incident was getting me nowhere, the response was simply having a hard time to be well-formed. The ominous school faculty really left me tongue-tied. I stood there not daring to move. “Err... Err... Err...,” a long time my mouth only then squeezed out “I... am... a... teacher” those words.

P.S. If I had known above news quotes at that time. I would start running away at once instead of staying right on the spot using my once bad Mandarin to reply reluctantly.

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