Come Get Warm in Japan 快來日本取暖

Frantic Holiday Syndrome

Sounds like a new type of flu, doesn't it? It's just a term I came up with to describe the way we tend to stress during the holidays. The holiday syndrome makes you feel cold and lonely? Don not let the winter blues get you. Let's see how Japanese people embrace the crowds and get warm in the trains.

Japanese train station during rush hour


聽起來像最新的流行性感冒 是嗎? 它只是一個被我用來拿來描述 人們在假日期間必須承受的焦慮行為的代表名詞 假期狂熱狂躁症候群會讓你倍加感受到冷清淒涼和孤單無助嗎? 千萬別讓冬季憂鬱打倒你 我們一起來瞧瞧日本人如何擁抱人群 並且 怎樣在電車上互相取暖的溫馨故事



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