Side Trip to Eton College

England, 1998

Showing the proximity of Windsor Castle, UK

I had arrived London from the south west of Sunderland, England, yesterday. In order to go to London Heathrow Airport to pick up my Chinese-language-editor E from Taiwan, I had to get to London one day prior to arrival of E for an assignment

London Heathrow Airport is notorious for queues, delays and its massive backlog of luggage. Something terrible had happened to my editor too that day. It took us a long time to find out that her checked luggage was misplaced and traveled to another country at the time.

Luckily, the next day she got her stuff back in one piece. Then, we were just about ready to carry our job to cover Windsor Castle. When we got off at the Windsor & Eton Riverside station instead of the nearby Windsor & Eton Central station. It is the terminus of the Staines to Windsor Line and is served by South West Trains from Waterloo, some 41 km (25¾ miles) distant.

As you can see, the 'Farm Yard' frontage of the station on Datchet Road, showing the proximity of Windsor Castle. At next junction with Thames Street E pointed to my right across the bridge. She said "Look! Don, that is Eton College!" as we proceeded to our destination. "Oh, yeah? Princes William and Harry both are in there." I answered. E continued "Can we visit it later after we have done with Castle?"

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Don's Rambling, Musing and Pondering on...

In fact, a current doctoral student, studying in one of the top 3 British universities, and I had exchanged remarks on this school (Eton College) a couple days ago. What a coincidence! In the campus, "Don, do you know the Prime Minister talked tough on changing people's thinking and behavior all wanting to get into 'Public Schools' on the medias recently?" C.J., asked me. I had read the same news, I said "Surely, I did!" C.J. said " And, you know what? A tabloid media revealed a news today saying the Prime Minister's son is going to Eton College now!" I happened to acknowledge this ironic news too. What I could do was quietly nodded in agreement.

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