Hot Springs


I am starting yet another series of posts, on a monthly basis. To be exact, first Sunday of every month throughout the year of 2009, it is called "Famous Hot Springs of North Taiwan" on my Don Schumann Photography blog.

All you pals especially from the internet, even my current local associates and contacts, must have mistaken me for someone who only has been to just a handful places in Taiwan but overseas.

In fact, I had been doing/taking extensive assignment jobs shooting, covering throughout the island in my early years in Taiwan. It will be an ongoing series all year round. Updated on a monthly basis. Go and check it out!

在我的 Don Schumann Photography 攝影工作誌 現正開始連載一系列 每月推出的新單元 更精確地說 涵概2009全年 在每月份的第一個星期天刊出 叫做 “北台灣最熱滾滾的溫泉勝地”

特別是所有來自互聯網路的朋友 甚至 我目前在台灣合作機構的同仁與聯繫單位 都會認定我 除了在其他各國到處跑之外 在台灣海島去過的地方一定屈指可數

事實上 我早期在臺灣這塊
土地上 也曾經採取密集地接下攝影通告 行蹤遍及整座海島的每個角落 新系列將會是整年度的持續發文 每個月上載圖片更新 歡迎持續的去參觀!

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