Medicinal Foods

Hotels in North Taiwan

I am the least Chinese food aware person alive!

I am not supposed to brag about it. Since I had came across the chance of shooting Chinese medicine food served by a 5-star hotel chef in North Taiwan many years ago. Allow me to try my best to explain it to all of you

Medicinal food is mostly used for soups and stews with the function of dietetic therapy, which is made by using Chinese herbs and poultry (chicken, duck) or livestock (beef, lame, pork) as ingredients and preparing them through braising or stewing.

Braising and stewing involve the slow cooking of meat in a liquid. In order to turn "healthy medicine with bitter taste" into "good medicine with nicer taste".

According to the combination of Chinese traditional medical knowledge and cooking experience. Taking special care to eat "medicine amid food" not only to build up a good body strength, but also can prevent and cure diseases. They call it "Yao Shan" or "Jin Bu" in Mandarin.

More eye-catching pictures at,

Yao San: Medicinal Soups and Stews


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