Im a Toy Boy


hold love for you today!

The original song is by Serge Gainsbourg, called L'anamour ("an" = "no" and "amour" = "love"). Advertisers often re-record their own versions, as done here. The lyrics translation are: "I take my time, I walk straight. You pass in front (of me), I look into your eyes. I hold love for today, but tomorrow I go to him... I am a toy boy, the world's making fun of me, nobody understands why...."

Don's Note on 10/10/2008: This extremely ironic, funny yet bold TV commercial film was banned. This Ban Act was provoked into a flame war on the internet, cross-countries. French said "How come I never see this in our country?" Swedish talked back "You are lying! We can see it on our TV." American yelled "You can not be serious. Look, it is running everyday with French song singing!" The truth is, it was banned in France. But was okayed in Sweden, USA and a certain countries.


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