Hard-Earned Money

I am a freelancer. Luckily never have to work in a cubicle. Lately I came across some video clips helping me to realize how 9-to-5 office workers make their hard-earned money.

我是一個自由工作者 幸運地 從來不需要被關在小隔間裡上班 最近 我發現一些影片幫助我去了解 原來一般上班族群要如何辛苦才能賺到血汗錢

Models by Arlene, Clair, Daniel
Makeup & Style by Themselves & me, Don
On location in Tien Mu, Taipei
Photo & Creation by me, Don Schumann

Battle in job field
It is a life and death struggle battle zone, you call it a workplace!

這是個生死交關掙扎的戰場 你們稱它為工作場所!

IT disaster
IT people's potential nightmare lurks in your network system.

網路人員潛在性的惡夢 隨時流竄在你的系統網絡中

Lack of freedom and privacy
Your cold-blooded suspicious boss always watching through surveillance camera while you are hard working.

當你努力打拼時 你冷血無情的老闆總是無時無刻疑心地透過監視器在觀察

Job related injury
Injured on job in the office is very common now-a-day.

現今 因公務而受傷的意外逐漸頻繁

Tackle challenge
You are facing challenging times, big or small!

你必須時常面對挑戰 無論多大多細微的事件!

Starving staff in office
You must constantly fight the starving urge to eat while racing to meet the deadline.

每當截稿期限 你老是得忍受飢餓猛加班


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