Nobody (but You)


Don on the rooftop of Hotel Majestic Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Photo by Ryan.

Hey all,

Yes, I am still burying myself in the insanely huge workload, days and nights. Two-thirds of post production to go at the time of this writing.


理所當然地 我仍然被瘋狂的工作份量壓到不能透氣 日以繼夜 截至目前 還有2/3的影像尚待處理

You think policemen can not dance? Check this out!

Cpdrc Inmates do "Nobody" by the Wonder Girls, too!

And of course, the official music video of the original "Nobody" by Wonder Girls.

Lastly, Wonder Girls performing the Tango & Disco versions of "Nobody" with 2PM.


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