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Taipei at 01:10 GMT +8 on 5/19/2009

Fake Twitter by Don Schumann

5/10/2009 Life back to normal at home after 4 days' no power, no water supply. Plus 5 days' hot water heater failure. Formosa! (10 days ago)

5/18/2009 Leading to a peaceful pious life for 10 days, already, as devotions to photography, in order to complete post production from the previous on location work. And counting... (4 hours ago)

冒牌 Twitter by Don Schumann

5/10/2009 家裡的生活終於回歸正常運作 經歷了4天沒有電力、沒有供水的日子 再加上 5天的熱水器故障 真是福爾摩沙的寶島! (10天前)

5/18/2009 渡過安靜的閉關生活已經10天了 作為對熱愛攝影的虔誠奉獻 一切趕工都是為了完成上一趟外景工作的後製作部份 並且持續中… (4個小時前)


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