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Say good-bye to Northwest Airlines

As you all know that Delta Airlines after swallowed its rival Northwest Airlines now is the world biggest carrier this year, 2008. I had joined Delta award-winning SkyMiles Program some 18 years ago. Although it was not one of my preference airlines.

Speaking of my travel habits, I only have a certain selection of Airliners. I even pick the timetable in accordance with what aircrafts in that particular service route, too.

Here is the story I would want to choose to sign in, to fly Delta for the first time in the wintertime of 1990.


I met Marc at work who was a Dutch since 1989 (Wow, that was 20 years ago, so scary!). At time, he was a regular client of a large American private organization I was closely working for, as a freelance professional myself. We later became acquaintances hanging out for coffee and snacks occasionally.

One day, in the middle of a chit-chat after work. We came up with the same idea in unison at the same time of catching the newest (model of) aircrafts, McDonnell Douglas MD-11. We both watched the latest aviation trends to realize the first MD-11 service in the U.S. would be inaugurated by Delta Airlines right around the corner by the end of that year.

Say good-bye to Northwest Airlines

McDonnell Douglas MD-11, one of the first airliners to benefit from winglet (Wingtip devices) research. A winglet is a near vertical extension of the wing tips. The upward angle (or cant) of the winglet, its inward angle (or toe), as well as its size and shape are critical for correct performance, and unique in each application. Another potential benefit of winglets is that they reduce the strength of wingtip vortices, which trail behind the plane.

For the details and myths of the short-lived passenger service of MD-11 for Delta Airlines, please refer to the following post below,

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