War Frenzy 1/3

Someday in April, 1994

War Frenzy 1/3

I took 3 assignments in 3 countries in a day. Yes, you heard it "In A Day," period. I was catching flights running between three countries in the exactly same workday, in just one breath

Project 1.

As of today's Project #1. Shooting outdoor in Taipei suburban, Taiwan.

This job came from a Japanese firm. Usually, the company staff starts the shooting project approximately two to three months beforehand, to sketch the proposals, to hold lots of meetings, to change the shooting drafts, unceasingly. Around 3 or 4 weeks prior to the shooting, as soon as the contents established only will then inform me to join their preproduction. I still have to go through several times' conferences, to take my specialized suggestions, to revise the photography manuscripts.

They will accompany me to do the location scouting for the scenes, for the light measuring, for the light (illuminating) angles. All of the preproduction works. (Sounds like a war campaign to you? At times, we just probably need only one single picture taken. It is not the first time we go through this workflow. Do not beat me up! ) For years, this has been patterns I work with this company.

On the set, I worked so well among a bunch of people that particular early morning. It is a must. Because I would fly off the town in a couple hours and would have no opportunity to make it up afterwards. At the end of the outdoor scene shooting I directly rushed to the international airport immediately by my car already loaded with the luggage, whole set of airplane tickets and the passport.

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