War Frenzy 2/3

Someday in April, 1994

One of the fastest ways to collect my mileage plus points

War Frenzy 2/3

I took 3 assignments in 3 countries in a day. Yes, you heard it "In A Day". I was catching flights running between three countries in the exactly same workday, in just one breath

Project 2.

As of today's Project #2.

Already began shooting around the noontime in Hong Kong.

This labor to be very simple. It has no need to photograph by the draft, no need to investigate the scene in advance, no need to hold a meeting before, not even need to bring any assistants. As long as the photographer (was I) arrives, the gear (most expensive thing than I am) keeps handy.

We were all done completely after an intensive burst of the shutter sound. I believe all Hong Kong colleagues here simply not actually aware that early morning I “was on duty” in Taiwan already!

Not to mention, to know about my next stop to the tropical islands to catch up with, later that day.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! No slightly mistakes can be barging in allowed. Could not afford to miss the flights.

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