War Frenzy 3/3

 Someday in April, 1994

War Frenzy 3/3

I took 3 assignments in 3 countries in a day. Yes, you heard it "In A Day". I was catching flights running between three countries in the exactly same workday, in just one breath

Project 3.

As of today's Project #3.

Carried out the location on the Pacific Ocean. The only thing I remembered was on the romantic tropical islands (this article lives under category of Guam for the time being. Till I clarify its DNA someday).

This assignment and schedule were already brought to a conclusion weeks ago. My working colleagues including the assistant team, fine arts, makeup artist, the entertainer and her agent were divided into two groups. Were to arrive at the location in the following two days.

I, the photographer, flew west to east bounds due to the time difference, by the origin local time, in fact, I arrived already was (by Taipei or Hong Kong time) second day. But it was same day by my destination local time. Yeah! It is my first record to work in three countries in a day.

Warning: Hey, Kido. Never try this at home without getting your parents proper permission first!

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