International Colleges Collapse


International Colleges Collapse

The sudden collapse of four colleges in Melbourne and Sydney, leaving 2000 students stranded when a company that owns the four private colleges went into voluntary administration yesterday.

The placement of Global Campus Management Group into voluntary administration yesterday forced a senior secondary school and three vocational training colleges to close. They were Meridian International School, Meridian International Hotel School, International Design School and International College of Creative Arts.


在澳洲墨爾本和雪梨的四所學院毫無預警地關閉 當地擁有四所私立院校的管理公司昨天進行業務重整 讓2,000名學生無所是從

這幾間職業訓練學院關閉: 美麗殿國際學院美麗殿國際飯店學院國際設計學院國際藝術創作學院

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College collapses hit VCE


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