Hi-Fi Stereo and I

Hi-Fi Stereo and I

My family on my mother's side has deep relationship ties with the Japanese Matushita Company.

In spite of all of my relative families are scattering around many countries. Their household electronic appliance products all had come from Japanese Matushita. As far as I know, Matushita has 2 major product lines in 2 brand names. National Panasonic brand primarily household appliances, Panasonic National brand marketing audio and video products. Ever since I was born, all products in my house, from the stereo, televisions, refrigerator and washer were also Japanese Matushita's. While all the neighbor families in my childhood had only small radios, not to mention the fancy televisions,... In fact, I never know how and why my family had the rare stereo system, also had the black rubber phonograph records which those piles of US and Japan produced. Of course, I was certainly not complaining about that. I like good music and more affected by the high fidelity transmission. But I always to hope for having the real personal stereo of my own, someday.

Pushing 16, finally spend my own money to weld, to install the first set of Hi-Fi stereo belonged to me. I felt blush and dreamy dizzy when the Rita Coolidge's voice first brimming out from the sweet yet powerful speakers. I would never forget that memorable moment all my life.

Around 20, I became a lead singer of two bands. Funny, first one was to collaborate with another female singer as an English love song duet pairing with cellos and violins... Second one was to work with a big group of band as the one-and-only lead singer for American style rock songs. At that time, singing on the stages as a lead vocal, concerned most, perhaps was the heavy, over-ten-thousand-dollars-worth microphones' performance, receptions... At the same time, I had been infatuated with the American Bose brand stage monitor loudspeakers.

Years after, I got one whole set of Japan limited edition Pioneer brand sound system (not the Japanese Matushita's Panasonic brand). Strangely, its tenor and bass acoustic performance was exceptional good, so different from its family grade in the market. Maybe it was because the limited edition.

27-years-old-to-be, all the stereo shop owners did not favor, under that situation, I boldly matched the British KEF (rare-seen brand name) front/rear amplifiers with the American Bose brand world first released Cube series adding on the American Bose brand ultra bass bazuka tube. I finally could enjoy the unique charm of American Bose loudspeakers at home.



儘管親戚們 散居在各國 家裡使用的電器產品皆來自日本松下 據我所知 松下以兩大品牌為主 家庭電器以 National 品牌行銷 影音產品則掛上 Panasonic 的名字 我出生以來 從音響 電視 冰箱 洗衣機等等 我家也都是使用日本松下的所有產品 小時候鄰居家裡最多是擁有小小的收音機 更別提電視機了 而我總不明暸家裡罕見的雙聲道音響打哪來 還有那一堆美國和日本生產的黑膠唱片也是 當然 我不是在抱怨 我喜歡好音樂 更感動有高傳真音質的律動 但 總是期盼擁有自己 真正的個人音響

十六歲不到 終於花了自己的錢 裝組焊接出屬於自己的第一套高傳真音響 當第一次 Rita Coolidge 撼人的嗓音從我自己的音響喇叭流瀉的那一刻 我這輩子難以抹滅的記憶 我激動紅著臉 我微暈 我醉了

二十歲前後 我成為兩個樂團的主唱 說來好笑 一個是與另一位女主唱合作 搭配大小提琴手伴奏的雙人組英文抒情對唱 另一個則是和一個大樂團合作成為團裡唯一的美式搖滾主唱 當時 身為主唱 登台演唱最斤斤計較的是 一支好幾十萬台幣 沈甸甸的麥克風 收音夠不夠利 好不好唱進去 在台上 那時我迷上了美國廠牌 Bose 的舞台監聽喇叭

之後 我換了一整套日本限定版的 Pioneer 牌音響 說來奇怪 或許是限定版的關係 中音低音特別好 有別於它自己低階的家庭用音響的表現

二十七歲之前 在音響店家都不看好的情況之下 我大膽地以罕見的英國 KEF 前、後級擴大機 搭配了美國 Bose 牌全球獨一的 Cube series 超炫的喇叭單體 加上 美國 Bose 牌自產的超重低音大砲筒 至此 終於可以在家享受到美國 Bose 牌喇叭獨特的魅力


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