Where am I?

Where am I?

Still remember my very first business trip on tour, in 1988. The first stop - Hong Kong.

My travel schedule which took me in a circular motion crazily flying between the Asian countries (I found it amusing to travel that way).

It ended up fully to fly more than 10 international segments (14 or 19 in total, too old to remember!) the whole trip, within 30 days. Hey, I really pushed the limits far too beyond the commercial air pilots and cabin crew allowance on a monthly basis.

Since then my wanderlust deep down inside was liberated. Hotel Trotter was born. Luckily I never suffer a bit from the time zone differences. Only have troubles while woke up in the middle of night, stayed in the outsize bed, stared at the similar hotel guest room ceiling, and not to resemble which country I was that day.

Now-a-day, I am still unable to make out what country I locate in the middle of night occasionally.

I have been actually more than comfortable familiar with the steadfast existence feeling after so many years being a frequent flyer.

And I like this way of doing my profession according to my self-expectation after all.


記得 1988年剛出來跑的第一趟差 首站 - 香港

將近三十天之內的行程裡 在亞洲國家之間兜著圈子 狂趕通告(的日子超好玩) 整整飛了十幾 (14或19班次 老了 已經記不清楚了!) 趟國際航段 才回到家 (現在回過頭來想一想 Ho... 遠比空服員/機師們操得還要兇 他們每個月不得飛超過十或十二天呀)

於是乎 不安份的靈魂從深層甦醒 旅店浪人得到了解放 於焉誕生

幸運地 從不為時差所苦 但是每到半夜醒來 躺在特大號的床 傻乎乎盯著相似的飯店客房天花板 似夢猶真地 老想不起來當天所處的國家究竟是那個

二十年下來 還是沒變 夜半醒來 偶爾仍不知身在何處 卻多了一份自在的熟悉感 和 踏實的存在感


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