Advertisement Targeting Married Couples Heads to Chiang Mai

(I made) 這個鎖定特定族群的旅遊廣告 只出現在旅遊業界內部專屬的雜誌中 主要是鼓勵情侶、配偶前往泰國清邁去拍攝浪漫外景

The overall aim of this promote project, I made, is to boost up travel especially targeting lovers and married couples heads to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for wedding photography shots. By the way, this version only appears in the travel services field exclusive magazines.

Copywrite by Cindy Tung
Modeling by Fiona and Ryan
Location in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Transportation Coordination by Sunni
Makeup, Creation & Photos by Don Schumann


  1. Dear Don,

  2. Hi Belinda/Samyoyo,

    Happy New Year! Good to hear from you two.

    Wow, wow, wow, you went to luxury Maldives again, expensive travelers!



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