Shark Fin

(credit: forwarded email and Facebook)

Shark fin soup is considered healthy and full of nutrients, also a status symbol in Asian countries, especially in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Some even claiming fins prevent cancer and other ailments. Which is no scientific proof supports these claims at all. Conservationists have campaigned to make finning illegal in the U.S.

鯊魚翅湯在亞洲國家被認為有益健康並有很多營養成份 更是一個地位象徵 特别是在中國、香港和臺灣 甚至 有些人還強調魚翅羹湯能防止癌症和其他疾病 哪些都是沒有科學證明的說法 在美國的環保人士正在鼓吹把採割魚翅視為非法行為

Graphic Warning

暴力血腥畫面 未成年不宜觀賞

(credit: forwarded email and Facebook)

Shark Found Amputated

This happened on the second day of Chinese New Year, 2010 in the Philippines. Origin from a couple of Hong Kong divers' post found on Facebook.


這是一群香港的潛水者前往菲律賓海島 在 2010 年中國新年的隔天的發現 全文刊載在 Facebook 上

(credit: forwarded email and Facebook)

(credit: forwarded email and Facebook)

(credit: forwarded email and Facebook)

(credit: forwarded email and Facebook)

All origin pictures from forwarded email and Facebook


  1. 魚真是無辜.


  2. Hi 第8名,

    We all eat beef, pork, game, vegetable and fish,...

    But those fishermen cut off the sharks' fins ALIVE. Then dump them back into the cruel world of seas ALIVE!


    但是 採魚翅的漁民是活生生地把鯊魚鰭砍下來 再把傷殘的鯊魚活生生地丟回海洋 去面對殘酷的海洋生態!


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