Most Dangerous Cities in the World

London, photo by Don Schumann

The newly crime statistics of world's five most dangerous cities are disheartening and shocking.
Despite the scary data, some of them still remain wanted tourist destinations, though extreme caution is strongly advised when visiting

5. Cape Town. South Africa
62 killings per 100,000 residents

4. New Orleans. The USA
95 killings per 100,000 residents

3. Caracas. Venezuela
130 killings per 100,000 residents

2. Ciudad Juárez. Mexico
130 killings per 100,000 residents

1. Mogadishu. Somalia
No data

Also, UK based media released their list of the most dangerous cities in the world, on 3/15/2009

10. London, U.K.
9. Saskatoon, Canada
8. Norilsk, Russia (in Siberia)
7. Johannesburg, South Africa
6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5. Detroit, U.S.A.
4. Caracas, Venezuela
3. Linfen, China
2. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
1. Mogadishu, Somalia


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