The £140M Flat

Hyde Park

What can an £140m flat be to do with London

Would you like a flat with a tunnel to the neighboring Hotel where TV chef's restaurant allows residents access to 24-hour room service?


你會想要一間公寓裡有地下道通往相鄰的飯店 其中 由電視節目名主廚所開設的餐廳 提供住戶們24小時的飲食服務嗎?

The security features including eye Scanners in private lifts, bullet-proof windows, SAS-trained security guards, an air purifier to frustrate poison gas attacks and a "panic room" where the owners can retreat in safety.

私人電梯設有虹膜掃描辨識、防彈玻璃窗戶、受過SAS訓練的保全人員、防範毒氣攻擊的空氣淨化器 以及 住戶家中設有一間「緊急避難室」可供藏身


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