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credit: unknown

Chinese food menu found in Europe this hot Summer (Fuck the duck until exploded)

The simplified Chinese character, mainly used in Mainland China, for “dry” can also have a vulgar meaning and is consequently often mistranslated as “fuck”. The menu item should be translated, "crispy duck" and 干爆鸭子 appears on chinese menus worldwide.

The first word, 干 (幹) gan, means dried, but can also be translated oppose, offend (and in chinese, used in the sense of the f-word). The second 爆, bao, means explode. 干爆 is how the 鸭子 (duck) is cooked.

Would you like some more freaking good stuff back in China?

credit: unknown

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  1. HA!這樣的翻譯真的替他捏把冷汗


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