Hotel Sampling near Singapore 4/5

Well, since I named myself a "Hotel Trotter". Let me start to share with you some of my memorable hotel experience in Singapore


好吧 既然我自稱為 “旅店浪人” 就讓我從親身體驗過令人回味無窮的一些新加坡飯店中提出來分享開始

Le Méridien Singapore Hotel

Note: The Hotel Lobby and Guestroom pictures were all of the former Le Meridien Hotel, which was taken over by Concorde Hotel Singapore since October (November) 2008. The Hotel has since undergone a series of refurbishments, and boasts a new Hotel Lobby as well as guestrooms.

Surrounding Central Business District


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  2. Hi Teuvo,

    Macro photography requires a lot of time and a lot of patience. And a certain amount of equipment to achieve sufficient magnification beyond the abilities of a basic photography set-up.

    Welcome, new friend all the way from Finland!



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