Localized Fast Food

American fast food chains -- the market in Asia has grown at a dizzying rate

American fast food chains are trying to come up with fusion dishes to woo local palates

Here's some of what Americans may be missing:

Cordon Bleu Burger (McDonald’s Poland)

Burger topped with ham-stuffed fried chicken patty and bacon.

Shrimp & Chicken Sandwich (KFC, China)

Fried chicken patty stuffed with shrimp.

Golden Fortune (Pizza Hut, Japan)

Shrimp, crab stick, fish, pineapple, lime and cheesy dough bite pizza.

Das Nürnburger (McDonald’s, Germany)

Triple bratwurst sandwich.

Egg Tarts (KFC, China & Taiwan)

Pastry cups filled with egg custard.

Mega Tomago (McDonald’s, Japan)

Double Big Mac with with an egg patty and bacon.

McLobster Roll (McDonald’s, Canada)

Lobster salad on a roll. (Also available in Maine, America)

McArabia (McDonald’s, Morocco)

Two grilled Kofta patties, tahini sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Wrapped in Arabic bread.

Tender Beef Pentagon (KFC, China)

Tortilla filled with Schezuan beef, tortilla chips, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

Cheese Catsu Burger (McDonald’s, Japan)

Fried pork filled with cheese, served with tonkatsu sauce.

Chicken Buriyani (KFC, Sri Lanka)

Fried chicken, buriyani (briyani) rice and curry gravy.

Camembert Premiere (McDonald’s, France)

Fried French cheese nuggets.

Nacho Whopper (Burger King, Netherlands)

Whopper with nacho chips, jalapenos and Mexican sauce.

Septuple Whopper (Burger King, Japan)

Seven patty Whopper, released in conjunction with Windows 7.

The list remains open, I hope you enjoyed it!

All photos (except the top photo) from internet, credits unknown

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