Beitou Winter Hike

Peitou (北投, also written as Beitou) District is in the northern outskirts of Taipei, Taiwan, on the southwestern flank of the Yangmingshan (陽明山, also called Caoshan (草山, Grass Mountain) during Japanese occupation of Taiwan, because it was covered with grass and seldom visited) National Park/Volcano.

Geothermal outburst


My hiking route today:

QuanYuan (泉源, Springhead) Road - DongSheng (東昇, East Rising) Road - DengShan (登山, Mountaineering) Road - QuanYuan Industry (泉源產業, Springhead) Road - XiyYuan (西園, West Garden) Street - CuiYun (翠雲, Jade Cloud) Street - ZhuHai (珠海, Pearl Sea) Road - QuanYuan (泉源, Springhead) Road

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