First Gay Cruise in Latin America


Latin America's first official gay cruise will leave the port of Buenos Aires next month for two cities in Uruguay.

拉丁美洲史上第一艘同性戀渡假郵輪 下個月從布宜諾斯艾利斯港口出巡 航向烏拉圭的二個城市

EGO Gay Cruise will depart from the city of Buenos Aires and during its voyage will do stops at two of the main cities of Uruguay, Montevideo and Punta del Este, as part of it itinerary. EGO Gay Cruise will not be the first Gay Cruise to come to Argentina, since ATLANTIS Cruises has been a pioneer into this route in the past linking Buenos Aires with Rio de Janeiro for 2 consecutive years. But indeed EGO Gay Cruise will be the first Argentinean flagged gay cruise to sail away.

The modern cruise ship is 220 meters (722 feet) long and features 1,000 rooms with a capacity for 2000 guests on board, seven bars, four restaurants, a casino, a discotheque and four swimming pools.


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