How to Feed 100 Dogs at Once

Owen at Winter House basking in the desert sunlight

Stay... stay... OK!

等一等… 再等一等… 開動!

The last time I visited Loire valley, France was in 1998 with a Spanish/German friend. But we missed out on checking into this spot.


我前一次與一位西班牙裔德國籍的朋友造訪法國羅瓦爾山谷 但我們錯過了這個景點 那已經是在1998年的事了

French dog handler at Château de Cheverny (located at Cheverny, in the département of Loir-et-Cher in the Loire valley in France) feeds a large, well disciplined group of hunting dogs. They keep a pack of 100 hunting dogs there, and feed them every evening at 5 P.M. When the dog keeper gives the signal that it's time to eat (they won't touch it until he gives the OK), they go absolutely nuts! The pack goes on hunts almost daily, they're fed twice daily, the evening feeding being the spectacle, and the 4 trainers on staff work fulltime to care for these dogs.


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