Deadliest Delicacies You Eat Everyday

Tapioca in Củ Chi, Vietnam

Some people are really careful about what they eat, try to cut down on fats and sugar to ensure a healthy life, others just don’t care and stuff themselves with all kinds of junk foods. But there’s another type of people, those that gamble with their lives for a rush of adrenalin or for a taste they find irresistible

Cassava crops are very common in Africa and South America because they have the ability to grow in unfertile soil and withstand long droughts extremely well. They are very hard to find in other parts of the world and are richer in carbohydrates than maize and cereal crops.

They do however have a major flaw, the ability to kill a person. Cassava roots contain cyanogenic glycosides that are converted into hydrogen cyanide by an enzyme called linamarase. This happens when the plant’s cells are ruptured, most often when it is eaten. That’s why Cassava has to be processed very carefully, if consumed raw it can cause death.

Tapioca in Củ Chi, Vietnam

Taiwan's factories founded in Vietnam collecting Cassava to make M.S.G.
Bubble tea with pearls is a more accurate description of the Taiwanese shaken/stirred/whipped tea containing tapioca pearls. Pearl milk tea (of which "bubble tea with pearls" is a subset), also known as "boba milk tea", can refer to any milk tea commonly used, such as Hong Kong-style milk tea, combined with tapioca.

In Europe, it is called Tapioca, basically a root starch derived from the cassava, or yuca plant. Tapioca Chips is one of the popular snacks available to the street vendors over all especially in UK, which is made from Cassava, too.
Tapioca pudding (similar to sago pudding) is a sweet pudding made with tapioca and either milk, or for lactose intolerant individuals, coconut milk.


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