Race Queen

Akane Souma in Subic Bay

賽車皇后 相馬茜在蘇比克灣

"Race queen" (レースクイーン, rēsu kuīn) is a Japanese term for a type of promotional model found as part of a pit crew in certain kinds of motor racing, such as F1 races, but is mostly banned in the United States due to the reasons of being associated with sexism. Just like as Miss Akane Souma did in Japan. The equivalent British term is "Pit babe". Or, "Grid girl" in Europe.

“賽車皇后” (レースクイーン, rēsu kuīn) 是日本專業術語 被用來稱呼在汽車競賽中 例如F1賽車之類 會出現在維護坑道中與組員在一起的亮麗宣傳模特兒 但是 在美國會被取締禁止 其主要的原因是形象跟性別歧視有直接關係 如同相馬茜小姐之前在日本的工作就是一名賽車皇后 一詞也等同於英國的 “Pit babe” 或者是在歐洲大陸咸稱 “Grid girl”

Model by Akane Souma
Styling by T.
Makeup Assistants by E.
Makeup & Hairstyle by Model
Lighting & Setup by Assistants E. & Sam L.
Chief Makeup, Creation & Photos by Don Schumann

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