Ice Cream Cone

Enjoying ice cream cone at SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines

1904 The ice cream cone is introduced, at the St. Louis World's Fair, Louisiana Purchase Exposition

An ice cream vendor named Arnold Fornachou runs out of dishes and a Syrian vendor named Abe Doumar (or a Lebanese vendor named Ernest A. Hamwi) seizes the moment to roll a "zalabia"—a sugar waffle—into a cone and comes to his rescue.

Contested. Some sources say the ice cream cone was invented by Italian immigrant Italo Marciony of New York, a pushcart ice cream vendor in New York, in 1896, who also, perhaps, invented the ice cream sandwich by putting a slice of ice cream between waffle squares cut from a sheet.

Other sources say the ice cream cone has its origins in the mists of history, but was first described in Mrs. Marshall's Cookery Book, whose author, Agnes Marshall, published it in London in 1888.

Still others discern a woman licking an ice cream cone in an 1807 picturing fashionable customers eating at the Frascati café in Paris, although this is uncertain because cone-shaped ice cream bowls were not unknown at the time.

Hairstyle by J. N.
Makeup by J Y L
Modeling by Kelly
Wardrobe by 黃淑琦 (TW)
Location at SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines
Styling by J., X. & Xiao Xien
Creation & Photos by Don Schumann


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