Long-Separated Place

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I look about the house I left 6 months ago, freshly aware of the roomy four-bedroom of a space that for the 18 years of being my Taiwan's home-base (of course, whenever I am not roaming between any hotels or other oversea residences ) I had taken for granted.

Outside the unattended yard fills with weeds and plants. A couple things are not working. As I straightening the familiar rooms, with strong molten kind of smell, that suddenly seem unfamiliar. It all reminds me how I miss and enjoy this capacious residence. I understand so well that it takes a lot of loving to make a house a home. Pice by pice, I am not actually trying to put back life together here.

At least, serviceable.

Chef at Work with Music On
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And gratefully glad to be able to cook at my own place again. Well, what is for dinner tonight?

1. Green Vegetable
2. Eurasian Soup of five-spice Lamb
3. Chicken Risotto
4. Vanilla Muffin with Grains

Life is a Thorny Path
Desert Biome in California

Oh, my lunch today was Emmental Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes with Spinach, with Coco Mocha coffee. Tomatoes are from Holland, I hope they are okay. And in fact, I ate and seemed okay so far. In case any of you are interested, also. Homemade wild Blueberry Pancake mix with traditional, old-fashioned Oats (not instant Oatmeal) to wash down with Coffee and Orange Juice (plus, 10% Lemon juice added) early on this morning.

Daily Chef Don
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