Easy like Sunday Morning


I need coffee to wake me up every morning
All photos by cellphone

Waking up naturally at 6:44 AM. With scents of coffee and coulommiers mingling and chatting in the house. Guten Morgen!

Outside the kitchen windows, ruby rays of sunlight cast through the tall trees in the side garden 18 meters away. In front of my study, a new flock (they all have distinctions, sometimes subtle, I can recognize) of birds happily chirping high on the treetops in the front yard.

My favorite Blueberry from Berry Farm, USA

Later in the morning, filled the air of gaily bird songs where once they are filled with cicadas' hoarse rasp penetrating through my firmly shut 46 windows and 2 glass doors of the house. All of nature is singing to me. All of my spirits are picking up in the blissful morning sun with peace and calmness.


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