You Won't Find Me on Facebook

Image du jour by cellphone on 6/13/2011
With the daily self-portrait posted, never have to worry I might vanish in the sea of network world completely

Drift netting is just not my style of social networking.

I find it so off putting receiving numerous automated emails from people asking, inviting me to join social services (especially facebook) and clogging my inbox for years. Most of them are even remote acquaintances. I am getting bombarded with complete strangers, too.

So, you won't find me on facebook.

I, myself would prefer to wait for a better social network that did not feel like a popularity contest, period.

Image du jour at Honda bay, Palawan, Philippines on 8/29/2007

Advantages of not having/using Facebook, and the like:

1. Cut Off Spam

2. Reliable Communication

3. Better Time Management

4. Refrain from Privacy Worry

5. Control over Types of Conversation

6. Keep Higher Risk Malware and Scams at Bay

7. "Who cares that your neighbor’s dog barks?" No More

8. Never Have to Share Your Life like Soap Opera Characters


  1. wouo! i had noidea! you are one of the most interesting people that i have ever met in my life! what a magnificent work and interesting stories. So proud of you Don.

    All my best wishes for you and keep up with such a great work!
    Gabriel. ;)

    1. How are you holding up, Gabriel?


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