Day 13: Sapa Vietnam

5/2/2009, Vietnam (captions added)

Panting and sweating (around 100°F or 40°C,) as we were finally aboard the overnight express and settling into our air-conditioned deluxe cabin with four bunks. The eight and a half hours' train journey from Hanoi to Lao Cai just about to set off.

Arrived at Lao Cai station before daybreak next morning. After freshened up with a quick splash on the face and grabbed a quick breakfast and coffee, we would have to hop on another 4WD van and headed to Sapa of highland region 21 miles (34 km) away with an hour's ride.

During my stay, daytime high temperature remained under 60°F or 16°C.

Love Market

We would have to reschedule our North Vietnam itinerary in order to catch up on this particular events of love market.

This photo was taken by Ryan

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Victoria Express to Sapa 薇多利雅特快號前進沙壩

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