Season of Transition

Color-blocking has permeated menswear as well in 2011

Look at all sides of a situation instead of focusing on immediate needs while destiny is at work in life.

Scotland, 10/01/1999

My third trip to Edinburgh, 1999

Why all of a sudden people seem to take an interest in and dig out this old blog entry of mine?

And now, English translation added on 7/20/2011!

Autumn is easily my favorite time of the year. My season.

This September, astonished by the magnetic field changes from the inside out. This inexplicable fluctuations not only affect the surrounding, events, interactions, work, individual, words and deeds. Even the sensitivity is getting the invisible strength traction in making sweeping changes. It all leaves me at a loss. With unnamed sorrows. The horoscopes saying my life has entered to a brand new chapter and the love I have longed for is destined to appear. Is it?


一直都是我最喜歡的季節 我的季節

今年九月份 驚覺磁場由外而內地起了莫名的大波動 舉凡週遭 事務 人際 工作 個人 言行 甚至感受性受到無形力量的牽引而產生大變化 一切陌生得讓我無所適從 也更易傷感 西洋星座解釋 我的人生在此進入另一全新章節 並將出現命中注定久違的戀情 是嗎?

More eye-catching pictures at,

Basking in the Deep Fall of Sun 沐浴在深秋陽光

Color-blocking has permeated menswear as well in 2011

At a juncture in life when/where you can always find yourself involved in such a rite of passage.


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