High Radiation Reading in Setagaya

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Japanese TV stations reported that Tokyo Setagaya Ward 6 in the volume of residential sidewalk near the string measure up to one hour 3.35 (10/13/2011 updated) instead of 2.707 micro on 10/12/2011. Sever levels of radiation.


東京都世田谷区弦巻5丁目の区道で高い 射 線量が検出された問題で、同区は13日午後 、改めて測定結果を 公表する。12日までに毎時約2.7マイクロシーベルトが確認されたが、13日午前の専門業者 による測定ではさらに高 い3.35マイクロシーベルトを検出。区は原因の特定と除染を急ぐ考 えだ。

Setagaya ward, which is 233 kilometers (145 miles) from the Fukushima reactors, has a population of more than 840,000 people, plans to decontaminate the area after radiation levels as high as 2.707 (3.35 at present time) microsieverts per hour were detected at the site in the Tsurumaki 5-chome area, according to a statement by the ward.

That is 14 (now 20) times more than the internationally recommended level for the general public. That reading is higher than several areas within the 20-kilometer exclusion zone around the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant that was evacuated by the government.

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Setagaya ward (世田谷区 Setagaya-ku) is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo in Japan. It is also the name of a neighborhood within the ward. The ward calls itself the City of Setagaya in English.
It has the largest population and second largest area (after Ōta) of Tokyo's 23 special wards.


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