Japanese Influence in Taiwan

Xin Beitou, Taiwan

A notable Japanese influence exists due to the period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule.

Japanese ancient map of Yang Ming mountain area

from wiki

Since 1999 hot springs , known as wēnquán in Chinese and onsen in Japanese, have been making a comeback thanks to efforts by the government. Over 100 hot springs have been discovered since the Japanese introduced their rich onsen culture to Taiwan, with the largest concentration on the northernmost part of Taiwan island.

Japanese ancient map of Xin Beitou hot springs

My recuperation on Yang Ming San mountain

I had stayed in Xin Beitou for six full months allowing me to extensively explore the hot-spring-densed region of Yang Ming mountain area on foot. The hilly volcanic terrain of these areas offer relaxing walking also a great way to unwind and recuperate. And I truly enjoyed it!

More Northern Taiwan Hot Spring's eye-catching pictures at,

Beitou Winter Hike

Hot Springs

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