A-Dai lay stretched out on my couch with Xiau-Guai in the back
All photos by cellphone

This self-indulgent brother and sister pair of vacationers surely know how to get mollycoddled and make themselves at home


I am doing dogstting both A-Dai (means dull-witted in Chinese), an unassertive once strayed bulky Labrador retriever, and Xiau-Guai (refers to little docile in Chinese), quite the contrary, a bouncy and full of life slightly untamed beagle, for friends homing to their provinces southwards during the entire Lunar New Year long break.

Xiau-Guai contentedly lies supine on the couch and gives an unladylike belly dance after a hearty, sumptuous meal. Show you pig-out pictures? No way!

A-Dai lies exposed to warmth and light on the first and only sunny day outing. There is no more to get drenched hour-long 3 times a day, finally

A tribute to bid farewell on the last walk three hours prior to the ending of an eight-days-dogsitting on Sunday, 1/29/2012 at 16:18.

Postcard from Bali

Last time I dogsat Owen, a rare breed timid and once strayed dog and he was crazy about feasting on the steaks I put together, for close friends of a faculty and movie director couple away exploring Bali and Nepal, that was way back in 1990. That is to say twenty two years already.


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