Introversion Test

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Are you an introvert?

The personality test below is from The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney.

A Test for Introverted Personality Traits

Answer true or false to the following
questions about introversion and

1. I like to have long, uninterrupted
periods to work on projects, rather
than small chunks.

2. I sometimes rehearse things before speaking, occasionally writing notes to myself.

3. I like to listen more than talk.

4. People sometimes think I’m quiet,
mysterious, aloof or calm.

5. I usually need to think before I respond or speak.

6. I like to share special occasions with just one or two people, rather than have a big celebration.

7. I tend to notice details many people don’t see.

8. If two people have just had an
argument, I feel the tension in the air.

9. If I say I’ll do something, I almost
always do it.

10. I feel anxious if I have a deadline
or pressure.

11. I can zone out if too much is going on.

12. I like to watch an activity for awhile before joining in.

13. I form lasting relationships.

14. I don’t like to interrupt others; I
don’t like to be interrupted.

15. When I take in lots of information, it takes me awhile to sort it out.

16. I don’t like overstimulating

17. I sometimes have strong reactions to smells, tastes, foods, weather, and noise.

18. I am creative and/or imaginative.

19. I feel drained after social
situations, even when I enjoy myself.

20. I prefer to be introduced rather
than having to introduce others.

21. I often feel uncomfortable in new

22. I can become grouchy if I’ m
around people or activities for too

23. I often dread returning phone

24. I like people to come to my home,
but I don’t like them to stay a long

25. I find my mind sometimes goes
blank when I meet people or when I
am asked to speak unexpectedly.

26. I talk slowly or have gaps in my
words, especially if I’m tired or if I’m
trying to think and speak at once.

27. I don’t think of acquaintances as
close friends.

28. I feel as if I can’t show other
people my ideas until they’re fully

29. Other people may surprise me by
thinking I’ m smarter than I am.


20-29 “true” responses means you’re
a true introvert.

10-19 “true” responses means you’re
both introverted and extroverted.

1-9 “true” responses means you’re
an extrovert.

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If you are a true introvert like me. Join the club? Wait, not so fast! You are just an acquaintance to me. I will have to take time out, usually years, to evaluate and/or upgrade our relationship first!


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