My Innovation of Eurasian Dinner

It says Premium Imported. Let's see how well it holds up.
All photos by cellphone

How do I whip up a decent dinner?

Chinese dumplings never fail to make my mouth twist with distaste. And It Is Pork! I am just not much of a pork eater. As a further matter, Chinese noodles are so so definitely not my cup of coffee

A fashion model friend had delivered a packet of uncooked noodles with "Guan Miao Noodles" citing on it, probably a souvenir and a local delicacy, before she took off for Oxford, UK, meeting her future parents-in-law. Guan Miao is a district name located in Tainan city, southern Taiwan, literally translation will be confusingly "Close Temple".

Coincidentally, while a bagful of frozen dumplings among other thank-you food is from another couple for dogsitting I had recently done.

What am I going to do with these ingredients I am rather averse to?

Sprinkle of lemon black pepper finish

I would need a tactical way of cooking, not only to cover or improve the original taste and make it absolutely tantalize my appetite instead of going to waste.

And now, how do I fire away?

Since the noodles and dumplings are, equivalent to, Taiwanese spaghetti and Chinese ravioli. Let me cook them accordingly by using homemade soup stock as a substitute for clear water. It seems a plan to me.

Thai style sweet red chili sauce for dipping

I also added the "Combu" (Japanese kelp) and "Katsuo" (or Katsuobushi means Ocean Bonito in Japanese, dried fish prepared in hard blocks from the Skipjack Tuna and used in Japanese cooking) with traditional "Shōyu" (a type of Japanese soy sauce) into my American chicken/Australian beef soup stock for propagating a subtle layer of taste. Every bit of the goodies in my long-time and a long-haul stewpot from Switzerland.

And I happen to have a full bottle of Thai sweet red chili sauce for dipping. It is made in Thailand but interestingly imported by a bay area based company in USA. That is a new acquisition from the Carrefour supermarket of a French chain. With a generous sprinkle of lemon black pepper finish.

Ta-dah! A tactical way of cooking is kicking off


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