Wheel of Life

Light at the end of tunnel
Philippines, 2006

Cyclical events, in terms of seven years of plenty and seven years of famine follows in turn, implies that all nature might change in rotation

Fate is like a curveball throwing at me every once in a while that veers suddenly off course. This time, the pelting curveballs sending me hurtling off the tightrope


In the wake of relocated back to Asia and then homebased back in Taiwan for nearly a decade, before long, I had seemed to have aged twenty and felt every day of my thirty something years instantaneously.

In the recent years since the action of ceasing work due to my health broken down under the strain of incessant overwork, I seem to have aged further ten. I now have made peace with life to a degree. I no longer missed the lifetime work of being a professional photographer I had once loved.

These two years, I have been fretted about my feeble condition on top of the chronic "photographer's/writer's cramp" and constant lower back pains from my unremitting back-breaking work. I am not keen to recoup through subsequent profits all along, but focusing on recuperation and regaining the well-being instead. Slowing down and coping with the ordeal I am afflicted with, after I had been stretched far too thin for too long, is my priority in hopes of not suffering irreversible damage to my health. I am not going to have to learn to live with "once you have it, you have it the rest of your life" after all. Or, I would be forced to change the name of Hotel Trotter into the Hotel Totter for the worse.

I had seemed to have aged twenty after years of relocation, 12/7/07. Now add another ten

It is difficult to say at this juncture whether and when this upturn can be sustained.

The wheel of life had left me prostrate but nothing?

On the contrary, there are the footprints in the vast void we call existence!

Shaping and imprinting vastus mappa mundi of my superlative own

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A 50 mm for 6x7 medium format, merely equivalent to a 25 mm lens in 135 mm FX format, considered as a super-wide angle lens, with a bulky 95 mm ∅ (diameter) front lens mount, and it was not always available in the medium format world
Photo by cell phone


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